Online Belly Dance Classes

Welcome into my World of  Sensual Belly Dance with a  tropical island flare. This is your moment to have some genuine quality Feminine time with yourself and allow the transformation to happen organically. The art and fusion of Belly Dance is integrated with the therapeutic science of Yoga. Our emotional expressions are used as fantastic tools to transcend us inward and explore the soulful qualities that we possess, but have not tapped into. Discover how to look good and feel great in an easy to follow, step-by-step guide with full support along the way! Look good and feel great regardless of your size, height, shape or ability, all within the convenience and privacy of your own home. Shimmy your way to better health! I must tell you that over the years I have watched the women in my classes and workshops transform right before my eyes.

They have become more confident, graceful and appreciative of their bodies. Be  and feel the very best you can with this ancient platform that will nudge you to rediscover the Goddess within.  For me I have grown to love my hips and gluteal muscles over the years, it has actually become quite an asset to me.

Let’s admit it, Life has become pretty hectic over the past few years! Yes?  OK good, we are off to a great start.  So my question to you is this, when do you intend having some “Me Time”?  Do you have a zillion excuses as to why there isn’t enough time! Work, the kids, daycare, PTA meetings, homework, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, dinner to prepare and I can go on and on and on.

Guess What? I have the answer for YOU! The beauty of my system is the control you have over when, where and at what time you want to take your online Belly Dance Class. It’s all on YOU! Malia hails from the beautiful unspoiled islands in the Caribbean and if you know anything about Island life, it commands a very warm and tropical ambience regardless of which island you visit.

Join me in my sensual and sassy world of Belly Dance which will includes but not limited to Fun classes, dazzling costuming, stunning Make-up, breath-taking shows, performances and events, also entertainment to ignite and spark that creative fire in you!

You Will Learn To Belly Dance!

As a member of you will gain much knowledge regarding make-up tips & tricks, sensuous costuming, Road trip do’s and don’t’s, Anatomy and Physiology (getting to know the muscles you are working when practicing or performing), Skin Care routine and the best products. Groovy Island combinations, decor and much more. It does not matter whether you are a Brand new Beginner or a seasoned professional; has classes for you!

For a very LOW monthly fee, Belly Dance Online Classes are the best way to learn this wonderful dance on your own time without the pressures of traffic, gas and parking.  You will have unlimited play and access to extensive video library month after month, plus extra bonuses and features, giving you the best bang for your buck.

What You Will Need?

It is really easy! Once you locate the Subscriber button,(coming soon) fill out some basic payment information, create a membership profile, you are pretty much done.  You will use your user name and password to log in whenever you want! ALL YOU NEED IS A HIGH-SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION AND A PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

Want to Join in on the Fun?

Check out my tons of Sensual belly dance tips, surveys or just simply want to know what your thoughts are! LOL by chiming in on Facebook, tweet me on Twitter, watch more engaging videos on my You Tube Channel, check out my 15 second snippet videos on Instagram and stay updated with my Newsletter! Jump in on the Excitement!


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