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Welcome into my World of  Sensual Belly Dance with a  tropical island flare. This is your moment to have some genuine quality Feminine time with yourself and allow the transformation to happen organically. The art and fusion of Belly Dance is integrated with the therapeutic science of Yoga. Our emotional expressions are used as fantastic tools to transcend us inward and explore the soulful qualities that we possess, but have not tapped into.  Experience your own Divine Power and tap into realms unknown, be amazed at how wonderful your body moves through time and space.

Discover how to look good and feel great in an easy to follow, step-by-step guide with full support along the way! Look good and feel great regardless of your size, height, shape or ability, all within the convenience and privacy of your own home. Shimmy your way to better health! I must tell you that over the years I have watched the women in my classes and workshops transform right before my eyes.  Read More>>>

Featured Articles

Caring for the Belly Dancing Body

As a Goddess, grounded in radiance and beauty, how do you take of your Belly dancing body? Do you have a routine that has cultivated into a practice?  If you have awesome, keep on improving, simultaneously if you do not have a Goddess regimen you can utilize some these great pointers I have outlined in this short article. Massages: As Belly dancers your body is in constant motion. Some of you artists are so engrossed in your practice that you sometimes overdo your training session. I am super guilty of this fact.  Regular massage sessions are crucial to body maintenance and longevity.  Now, … Read More>>>

Caring For Your Belly Dance Costumes

Now honestly, I know every Professional Belly Dancer is very much aware of how super expensive costumes can be, especially if you are not into the DIY (do it yourself) category. There are many steps that you can take as a dancer to preserve the longevity of your costumes. Many ingredients can ruin a costume really quickly. Perspiration, friction, dampness and dirt just to name a few. So I think it is safe to say that there are many great tips you can implement to ensure your costume will last a time through countless, shimmies, floor work, undulations, isolations and not to mention on … Read More>>>

How To Conquer Stage Fright

I don't know which professional artist, performer or whatever your craft, does not deal with stage fright.  And sad to say this sensation can be very paralyzing for many no matter how great your resume may look. LOL! I am sure you have gone through this process at one point in your life.  Some of the vibrations you feel are but not limited to to, an upset stomach, nausea, possible regurgitation, sweaty palms, dry mouth and sometimes believe it or not some of my dearest friends get a sudden urge to use the bathroom. Terrible! So in order to curtail all these emotions I have laid out some tips … Read More>>>