Professional Belly Dance Performing Artist in Los Angeles, CA

International Middle Eastern Dancer & Workshop Instructor

tunis-thumb-pic-monk-pageOk You can stop your search for Professional Belly Dance Entertainment :)…! Yes Indeed.

Hire the Top Belly Dancer in Los Angeles for your Birthday Party, Wedding or Event!

Please take your time and browse the site so you can have a full understanding of my vision and artistry.

So if you are looking for Classic, Professional Middle Eastern Entertainment for your party or event, look no further. Malia is here to please!

Guaranteed to make your event memorable and fun loving. So get your dancing shoes ready because you will never have so much fun and enjoy yourself on so many levels.

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5 Awesome Reasons why you should choose Malia……..”Such an electrifying experience and person!”- Andrea D.

  • Malia is known for her dynamic musicality and emotional expression.malia--profile-contact-page
  • Personably and very vibrational with the audience and students alike.
  • Malia is a multifaceted dancer and performer, she demonstrates her proficient understanding of Arabic rhythms and culture.
  • Elegance and uniqueness is recognized and expressed through her style, grace and poise.
  • Experienced and is continuously in full time training since 2008.

 Recent Client Testimonial!

“Malia came out with such grace and style, I could not even finish tie my shoe laces.  She compelled my attention, is like I was in a trance, but it was a beautiful trance.  My wife and the family was overjoyed and so excited to have her.  We feel like we know her.  There are three more weddings in my family, we consider her BOOKED!”- Sebastian M.

What should you expect from Malia Maya’s Belly Dance Shows & Performances?

wedding-shot-pageThere is no denying that there are many belly dancers especially throughout the U.S. I come with my own unique signature style which fuses the Middle Eastern Grooves with a dash of Tropical Island Spice!

  • Before the day of your event you can expect a thorough analysis of the theme for your event and detailed aspects of your show that you want definitely want highlighted.
  • Customized music to support and showcase your vision and experience as to make it a milestone event.
  • Music will be discussed as to accommodate the different cultural backgrounds which are authorized by the client.




Your Perfect and Stress Free Experience of Your Life

There are many aspects of designing your show and event to your perfection.  I take all the small stressful details out of your seal-thumb-250x200hands, such as music, arrangements with the MC, the DJ’s, event planners and extra special care is guaranteed especially if the show is a surprise.

Contact me @ (561) 320-2393 or Email me to discuss your event needs because you and your guests deserve the absolute best in Professional and Classy Entertainment.

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CONTACT ME @ (561) 320-2393