Online Belly Dance Classes/Workshops

You may enter...LOL! Welcome into my world of sensual Belly Dance with a tropical island flare.  This is your moment to have some genuine quality feminine time with yourself and allow the transformation to happen organically. The art and fusion of Belly Dance is integrated with the therapeutic science of Yoga. Our emotional expressions are used as fantastic tools to transcend us inward and explore the soulful qualities that we possess, but have not tapped into. Discover how to look good and feel great in an easy … Read More

Do You Struggle with Stage Fright?

I don't know which professional artist, performer or whatever your craft, deals with stage fright.  And sad to say this sensation can be very paralyzing for many no matter how great your resume may look. I am sure you have gone through this process at one point in your life.  Some of the vibrations you feel are but not limited to to, an upset stomach, nausea, possible regurgitation, sweaty palms, dry mouth and sometimes believe it or not some of my dearest friends get a sudden urge to use the bathroom. What is this? So … Read More

Which One?

So Summer is almost over and I have not visited the beach, the pool......well I really don't do pool but I do lay out. LOL! But guess what I have been given two beautiful swimsuits which were given to me and I have no idea which one I would want to use for my up coming photo shoot. Funny thing is I like post of them.  They both reflect my two lifestyles which runs through my veins every minute of the day. So I need your help in deciding which one would look fabulous on my me. I am so interested to hear which one you would … Read More

Belly Fat Gone For Good!

I have to start this post off right. Belly fat is a constant presence for many women and men. I think it is safe to say that we have tried everything under the sun, and we’re good for a couple weeks then back to the same ole, same ole. More than 90 million Americans suffer from poor digestion. Stress, lack of sleep and regular exercise are all contributing factors. After a meal you may encounter an upset stomach, possible acid reflux (GERD), nausea and probably some vomiting. I have outlined … Read More